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Product/Service >> OEM for Volvo S60 (2000-2009) >> Suspension Parts >> Shockup Monroe Reflex Automatic adjust For all Model

Shockup Monroe Reflex Automatic adjust For all Model - คลิกที่นี่เพื่อดูรูปภาพใหญ่
Shockup Monroe Reflex Automatic adjust For all Model


Shockup Monroe Reflex Automatic adjust For all Model

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Shockup Monroe Reflex Automatic adjust For all Model Monroe Reflex: more stability, more safety In its quest to provide the safest possible ride to ALL drivers, Monroe has launched the revolutionary Monroe Reflex Shock Absorber. After years of research and the hard work of more than 160 engineers, the Monroe Reflex is ready to set the standards for safety in today’s demanding market. Vehicle Stability is becoming an increasingly important subject to all vehicle manufacturers, hence the proliferation of systems such as ESP, PSM, etc. The new Monroe Reflex Shock Absorber enhances the performance of these systems, increasing tyre-to-road holding, to offer a ride which offers more stability, more safety. The secret of the new Monroe Reflex lies in its unique piston valving system known as Twin Disc technology. This valve has an extra tuning stage for very low piston speed, resulting in a faster reacting Shock Absorber as it controls even the slightest of vehicle body motions long before any Standard Shock Absorber. These two disc valve stacks within the piston allow varying amounts of fluid through, depending on the driving situation, enabling the Monroe Reflex to offer a tailored response to each driving situation and need. The Twin Disc technology provides maximum damping at very low piston speed, which is when most dangerous driving situations, such as lane changing and braking, occur. Very Low piston speed control is essential as it is at this speed when the Shock Absorber’s role is to control body movement (stability and vehicle trajectory). In addition to the Twin Disc technology, the new Monroe Reflex’s performance is enhanced by three other innovations: A Bronze Filled PTFE Band which improves friction and sealing resulting in a longer life for the shock absorber. The Sliding Intake Valve which dramatically improves a Shock Absorber’s durability (longer life and higher damping consistency) An improved Oil with High Viscosity Index, providing a constant damping at all temperatures to guarantee a uniform ride and performance under any condition. To prove the advantages of the new Monroe Reflex several test were carried out by an independent Testing Organization: Abrupt Lane ChangeManeuver or VDA Test Constant Curve Test 1. Over steering and Stability-> Abrupt Lane Change Maneuver or VDA Test. This test consists in simulating the avoidance of a sudden obstacle at a constant speed of 60km/h without braking. During the avoidance maneuver, there is a period of instability which occurs when entering the left lane . At this moment, a brutal mass transfer occurs that makes the rear end of the car slide (over steering). This slide or over steering can be measured as a drift angle of the actual path the vehicle followed compared to the ideal path it should follow to ensure optimal safety and stability. The results after comprehensive testing show that there is on average 15 times more drift with standard shock absorbers than there is with the new Monroe Reflex shock absorbers. This important difference in performance can be the key to avoiding unwanted dangerous situations and vehicle instability. The following graphics clearly show the performance improvement generated by the new Monroe Reflex shock absorbers. 2. Roll Control-> Constant Curve Test. This test consists in driving a vehicle at a constant speed of 70kn/h over a circle with a 50 cm radius. The test highlights the stability of the car and measures the roll around the car’s horizontal axis. Excessive roll can cause instability and should be dampened by the shock absorbers. The tests showed that the new Monroe Reflex shock absorbers improved driver safety by an average of 44% compared to standard shock absorbers. The following graphics show the difference in vehicule stability when comparing the new Monroe Reflex Shock Absorbers to Standard Shock Absorbers.